Blagoevgrad City Council has to create more tourist attractions

10 10 2011

In last days we are receiving a large amount of information about the Bulgarian borders problems. With the intention to know how these issues affects to Blagoevgrad economy I visited Fenix Hotel, where I could talk with the manager. He told me closed borders are a big problem for the tourism industry of the city, because it prevents the arrival of foreign tourists.

Since the entry of Bulgaria in the EU there are more customers coming to Fenix Hotel, but his manager recognizes that Blagoevgrad needs to be a little bit cleaner. He defends that the City Council has to create more tourist attractions and invest more money in media advertisements.

He would like to have open borders in Bulgaria but he actually knows that this can bring some problems, as exist with the African immigrants arriving from Greece.  However he thinks it is worth having open borders because it will be very beneficial for the city and his economy.

He doesn´t know too much about Schengen, but he thinks that any change to facilitate the movement of people would be great for the tourism industry in Blagoevgrad.

Listen the whole interview with the Fenix Hotel manager below:




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