Bulgaria Needs Better Roads

10 11 2011

When you met Nadia Reza and she told you she is Mexican and she is only 21 years old, you cannot even imagine how well she knows the European roads.

Nadia is so lively that in few months she has crossed almost whole Europe. She uses to take flight from one country to another but then she often travel inside the country by bus and seldom by train or by taxi. Even once she crossed the border between Macedonia and Bulgaria by walk under the watchful eye of a Border Policeman, who was pretty freaked out. Obviously, he is more accustomed to see people crossing by bus or car so it was more shocking for him than for Nadia, who remember this story with a big smile in her face.

She thinks that Bulgarian roads are too old and the Government needs to improve it for make the country more accessible, and for give Bulgarians and foreigners the chance to travel faster and in a more comfortable way along the country.

Spain, Germany or France are some countries she has visited in Western Europe. She is studying in the AUBG as exchange student and during the fall break she has been travelling around the Balkans so she knows pretty well the situation of the European roads.

You can listen below an Interview with Nadia Rezar:




6 responses

12 11 2011

Interesting perspective from a world-travelling student. I like the story about the border guard- it would have been fun to hear that from her!

14 11 2011
Javier Fernandez Diaz

I’ll try to get a video from her telling that story! Believe me, it’s one of the funniest things I have heard about from the Fall Break travellers! ūüėÄ

3 12 2011

Very interesting post. It’s a great idea to write about the effectos of belonging to the European Union on Bulgaria. Congratulations, Javier.

4 12 2011
Javier Fernandez Diaz

Thanks a million Carlos. I’m still forming my own opinion on the topic, but each time I’m surer that the early entry of countries as Bulgaria in the UE have provoked the current debate about the 2 speed Europe. I’m still working on it. Thank you

3 12 2011

Very interesing post. It’s a great idea to write on how it affects Bulgaria to belong to the European Union. Congratulations, Javier.

8 12 2011

Really great post, very true and informative….Since i’ve lived here for 3 years and drive a lot, i know ūüôā

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