Involving Roma People in Bulgarian Society

22 11 2011

Roma people could be the reason why Bulgaria is not still in the Schengen Zone. At least that’s the opinion of a large number of people from Blagoevgrad whom I have talked.

Some members of the European Union have had problems with Roma people before. France with his Prime Minister Nicolás Sarkozy ahead struggled for kick the gypsies from Romania out of his country. Roma people of Blagoevgrad have built a neighborhood in the outsiders of the city. You can even see it from the AUBG library. It’s paradoxical to have people living in cabanas without toilet, heating or running water one kilometer away from the dorms of a private university. The line between those who have nothing and those who live in comfort is often imperceptible. However still exists.

The solution for involving Roma people in Blagoevgrad community and in the EU could be in little initiatives as the one directed by Radoslav Asenov. They have started a new project for educating Roma kids.

I was covering a normal day in Asenov’s project with my colleges Micky Bumbar and Paulina Guerguieva. We were also in the Roma neighborhood where we had the chance to speak with the parents of the kids whom are attending Asenov’s education project.

You can see in the video below the news story we made.




4 responses

22 11 2011

Roma people are not the reason, it goes much more deeper than that :))) And Javiii tu es trampar!!!! :DDD

4 12 2011

Nice visual look inside the Roma community in Blago. Glad to see that some people are trying to help.

6 12 2011
Javier Fernandez Diaz

I’m planning to record some interviews with the parents next week. It is supposed to help people working in the project to raise awareness among bulgarians on how important is the Roma people education for the whole society. I’ll go to the Roma neighbourhood with Mr. Asenov, the leader of the project the video is about. If you want to join and even bring someone else you will be more than welcome!

9 12 2011

I am looking forward to seeing your video!

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