About this blog

That’s a space to reflect about how the entrance in the EU  is changing Bulgaria. My work will be focused in Blagoevgrad, a small city in the south of the country. I’m going to analyze what are the benefits to enter in EU for Blagoevgrad people.

 My work is going to speak about prices, inflation, migration, roads, infrastructure, financial situation, political changes, improvements… One the most important issue that I want to discuss is how adoption of the Euro could affect the prices. Prices probably will rise. The inflation will also rise. And the living conditions of Blagoevgrad people will be worst. Overcoat if salaries remain equals.

I also want to know how they are investing European subsides, especially in roads and other transports because they will make the country more accessible and more attractive for foreigners.

 I’d like to do it trough of Blagoevgrad people. I want to give them the main voice on my blog. They are going to be my primary source, because nobody better than them can explain de improvements of the EU. They are experiencing these changes on their own.  Very often you would find in this blog their opinions and experiences.  “Blago” and its people will be the primary source

 I also would need to speak with European Union experts for this purpose. I will travel to Sofia or I will contact experts from Brussels, or other cities which hold institutions in the UE, by e-mail or phone. They will be my secondary source.

As a third source I’ll use institutional information from international associations like NATO, World Trade Organization, United Nations I understand that these sources could be boring for the reader but they also would find the most interesting opinions about Bulgarian issues. They are the most influent associations around the world!

I invite everyone to follow my analysis. Welcome!


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