About me: Lightweight luggage.

I wanted to be a journalist since I was ten years old. I have studied in Complutense University of  Madrid. I started to travel around the world at the age of sixteen.

I was born in Cerredo, a small town in the north of Spain, with my umbilical cord around my neck. The doctor had to revive me. I had only seven months in my mother’s womb. Since then everything has gone much better.

When I was five, I started to write poems. It was my first contact with the letters world. When I turned ten, I was sure I wanted be  a journalist. I was a curious child, always trying to know what was happening around me.

I practiced many sports, especially karate and football. It was really difficult because I had some health problems as I child, especially with my knees. Nevertheless my school team has been three times football champion in my region.

I’m passionate about international relations. I believe in Journalism as a space to reflect about the world and its borders so I started to travel around the world at the age of sixteen, I lived in London then, with a scholarship. I have lived in Dublin and Edinburgh too. Always without too much luggage. In 2008 I went to Madrid to study Journalism at Complutense University. Madrid is incredible; I hope to return to live there someday. After 4 years I decide to pack up and come to Bulgaria. One of the most important reasons why I’m here is to improve my English. As Wittgenstein said “the limits of my language are the limits of my own world,” so I will work hard to get it.

I have worked as Social Media Manager last year. . In collaboration with the Solidarity Center Collaborations, I have written 11 articles for South America in the last 9 months talking about social issues. I think that there are the most important issues, because people only care about what happens to other people.  I belong to a generation that thinks that Liberia, Gambia or Myanmar are Playstation games. Being informed is a duty.  And in our days we have the best possibilities ever. However, I know that 80% of world population goes hungry. As citizens we have the obligation to do something about it. I’m still looking for the best way to help build a better world.


2 responses

27 10 2011

You have a very interesting background. I think that your curiosity about the world will definitely help you on your journey to become a journalist.

8 12 2011

Awesome article!

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