A place where Asiatics and Europeans crossed their paths along centuries.

10 10 2011

I have written a bit about borders in this blog. Most times as a resource for separating countries. But the frontiers have not existed always. As a reflection I would like to show a video of the Bosphorus River (Istanbul).  It may seem like an alien topic for this blog. However, for Bulgarians is time to think about what a border really is.

Long time ago rivers and mountains like for example the Bosphorus or the Alps, were not a barrier for humanity but rather a meeting point. The Bosphorus is a place where Asiatic and Europeans crossed their paths along centuries.

When you are sailing this wonderful river, it is impossible don´t remember “The song of the Pirate” from José Espronceda, obviously if you have heard it before. It was written in another epoch, when the current discussions about the borders would be meaningless. When they had not defined limits between Europe and Asia.

The world has changed a lot, and nevertheless, Bosphorus is still the same river.

Bosphorus from JaviFdezDiaz on Vimeo.